The Clean Water Solution For Your Entire Home
    AllPure Reverse Osmosis Water FIlter for Your Home

Certified by the
California Department
of Health Services

Tested to
ANSI/NSF standard 58

Removes these contaminants -

• Chromium 6

• Lead
• Nitrates 81%
• Nitrites
• Selenium

• Other Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)


Makes great tasting water from your tap - perfect for personal water bottles



Completely cleans your water for drinking, cooking and washing fruits & vegetables
Other uses include water for your pets and delicate plants as well as steam irons & more
Eliminates space and cost of bottled water

The AllPure Reverse Osmosis Filter (AP-4.0) is a compact 4-stage, under-sink water filter which takes out dissolved solids not removed by your local city water treatment. There are 3 additional filters that remove rust, silt, bad taste and odors, especially those from Chlorine and Chloromine.

Model AP-4.0 fits easily under the kitchen sink.


Model AP-4.0 - $229
(under-sink system for city and well water)

Model AP-4.0/P- $360
with Booster Pump
for low pressure or well water, 0-45 psi (Requires 115 VAC)

Replacement Filter Kit- $55
Model AF-100
1) sediment 1) GAC carbon 1) post filter

3rd Year Replacement Filter Kit w/RO membrane- $133
Model AFR-101
1) sediment 1) GAC carbon 1) post filter 1) 36 GPD RO membrane


You no longer have to buy bottled water to get bottled water quality.
With the AP-4.0 you will have safer, better tasting water without the taste and odor of chlorine, always available at your sink top or even your refrigerator ice maker or water dispenser (we include the fittings to connect it your refrigerator) Your coffee, teas and mixed drinks will taste better, ice cubes will be clearer, and little or no scale build-up will occur in your coffee maker.


If you buy bottled water from the “pure high mountain springs”, you are paying for the fuel for the trucks to bring it to you. These gasoline or diesel fueled engines pollute the atmosphere while doing this, and then you must dispose of the plastic containers at the landfill. For 12¢ a gallon the PureWaterMachine™ converts city water to the good tasting pure water you desire without paying to pollute.
      How it works.
The AllPure reverse osmosis filter AP-4.0, has been specifically designed and optimized for your household drinking and cooking water needs. It uses the city water already available at your sink to operate (the Reverse Osmosis process). 4 different filtering technologies are included to give you the freshest, best tasting water right from your sink top. The compact unit easily fits under your sink, the large high capacity RO membrane (capable of up to 36 gal/day water production) ensures little or no waiting for the tank to re-fill. And the automatic shut-off valve conserves water by shutting the unit off when the tank is full.
      Stage 1
Sediment Filter
The 5 micron Poly Filter takes out suspended solids such as dirt, rust, sand, and pipe scale.

Stage 2
Carbon Filter
The 5-micron activated carbon block filter removes chlorine, bad tastes and odors.

Stage 3
Reverse Osmosis
The 36-gallon per day Reverse Osmosis Membrane removes dissolved solids such as lead, chromium and nitrates.

Stage 4
Post Filter
After purification the water is stored in a 4.0 gal. tank. When the faucet is opened, this purified water goes thru a granular activated final filter.

The AllPure System comes with everything you need.


The AllPure System installs easily under a kitchen sink.


The AP-4.0 is a premium R.O. filter system which comes with everything you need.
We use NSF approved filters to ensure quality performance and long filter life (expected filter life based on average household use is 1 year.) A feed water shut-off valve and different size feed water connections and separate tank valve are included for easy installation, service and filter change-outs. A tee is included so that you can connect it to your refrigerator ice maker/water dispenser. The plastic holding tank is made of FDA approved material and tested specifically for RO water. It won't rust dent or scratch. The whole system is Gold Seal tested and approved.

The 4-stages are pre-assembled and tested. A dispensing faucet, drain saddle connector, housing removal wrench and color-coded tubing for installation are all included.

Specifications Model AP-4.0

Sediment filter
5 micron Poly spun
Carbon filter
5 Micron Carbon block
RO Membrane
36gal/day TFC (thin film composite)
Final filter
Granular Activated Carbon
Tank Capacity
4.0 Gallons
Draw Down Water holding capacity
2.5 gallons @ 40 psi
Inlet water pressure (psi) (working)
Max. operating pressure
Expected Filter life
1 year
RO life
3 years
2 years



1 Year
Filter Replacement Kit

3 Year
Filter Replacement Kit


Filter Kit Specification

Part Number AF-100 AFR-101
1 Year Kit
3 Year Kit
Stage 1 - 5 Micron sediment filter
Stage 2 - carbon block filter
Stage 3 - 36 gallon per day membrane element
Stage 4 - Granular activated carbon filter
(2) "O" Rings for filter housings




*Free Shipping is within the Continental United States.

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